The Girls

Yes No Yes No Yes No


Quirky, new-wave Seattleites the Girls kick off their exciting second LP, Yes No Yes No Yes No, with two raucous electro-punk dancefests, “Where Wolves Drink” and the Turbonegro-esque “Transfer Station.” The album continues on the frenetic freak-out trip with the near-paranoid “You And A Chair” and “Edit The Actor.” Even though the Girls excel at this hyper style, they’re just as adept at tackling tamer fare, as on the mild “Headasahostage,” the groove-laden “Anthropomorphic,” and the darkly alluring duo “Who Are The Forgetters” and “A Tonal Decent.” Adding to the band’s appeal are Shannon Brown’s distinctive vocals and the smartly worded, occasionally oddball lyrics (“Got phantoms in the cereal bowl”; “I’m anthro-pomorphic/No, no, no, no…Pomorphic!”) supplementing each song. Alas, there is one sub-par moment: The boring finale, “Point Of Departure,” which sits dead in the water from its start. (DIRTNAP) Janelle Jones