Light Yourself On Fire

Intimacy EP


If being in a noisy, chaotic, DIY hardcore band seemed like a far more pioneering move 10 years ago, it’s only because all the mediocre ’90s HC bands didn’t yet have a 24/7 internet reminder of the giants who outgunned them. Unfortunately for Florida’s Light Yourself On Fire-whose lineup features vocalist Matt Coplon, formerly of ’90s DIY-core bigwigs Reversal Of Man-their second EP, Intimacy, has the combined force of Converge, Botch and Deadguy to contend with. Despite some heady, existential lyrics and a creative use of samples (from Zen philosopher Alan Watts’ lectures and the Sean Penn flick The Indian Runner, among other sources), there’s not a growl, chug or syncopated breakdown on Intimacy we’ve never heard done more powerfully elsewhere. (SEVENTH RULE) Aaron Burgess