Fifth Hour Hero

Not Revenge… Just A Vicious Crush

[4/5] Prior to this release, Fifth Hour Hero’s music reeked of potential like a motorcycle that’d been shipped in parts. The individual pieces were flashy enough when unassembled, but the whole wasn’t ready to take off and roar on its own. Well, on Not Revenge… Just a Vicious Crush, it appears the Canadian quartet have done some assembly work: They’ve welded the bright-eyed abandon of Discount to the romantic melancholia of 24 Hour Revenge Therapy-era Jawbreaker, and powered it all with the stratospheric, we-die-together euphoria of Hot Water Music circa No Division. The result is a seamless combination of male/female melodies, and a wide-open musical throttle that roars on its own fuel from the first note and doesn’t stop.
(NO IDEA) Todd Taylor