Lee "Scratch" Perry



It’s not every day you encounter an artist so willing to take you from a track as lewd as “Baby Sucker” (an f-word-spewing rant that takes a stand against doing unspeakable things to his baby, his lady, his mother or even his daddy) to a song that calls on sinners to repent. But reggae legend Lee “Scratch” Perry is clearly as deeply conflicted about the whole God vs. sex thing as anyone this side of R. Kelly. No self-respecting DJ could resist the urge to drop a little “Party Time” or “Pum-Pum” on an unsuspecting dance floor, where his sexual obsessions would be just the thing. This should be among Perry’s higher-profile efforts in some time, with production by Andrew W.K. and guest appearances by everyone from Moby to Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt. (NARNACK) Ed Masley

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