We All Need A Reason To Believe


Valencia have come a long way since former Midtown drummer Rob Hitt signed them to his fledging, apartment-based record label I Surrender in 2005. The little New Jersey band, who nearly had their debut album This Could Be A Possibility not distributed in any stores, are newcomers on a major label with a massive staff to promote their second album. The music, too, has made a bit of a leap forward, maybe because Valencia have toured a massive amount between recording Possibility and making this album, presumably learning a few things along the way. Bouncing songs like “Where Did You Go?” and “All At Once” are remarkably polished, sounding worlds more professional (although no less poppy) than the band’s earlier work. It seems this quintet have gone from being a generic opening act for better bands to a group with a valid reason for being on a bill-And that is one of the highest compliments an up-and-coming band in this scene can receive. (COLUMBIA) Emily Zemler


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