Kay Kay And His Weathered Underground

Kay Kay And His Weathered Underground


Of all the various projects that have sprouted from the prolonged hiatus of Gatsbys American Dream, none seem more developed or ambitious than the duo of Kirk Huffman and Kyle O’Quin’s. The pair exorcised their Beastie Boys fetish in Wild Orchid Children, but reinterpret Beatles-style experimentation with Kay Kay And His Weathered Underground. Huffman has a wide-ranging and emphatic voice that leads complex, layered psychedelic-pop nuggets through impressive, knotty developments (with mild elements of late-era Gatsbys to help bridge previous fans).

After the instrumental intro of "Into The Realm Of The Unknown" (think the Sound Of Animals Fighting playing a Jewish wedding), "Hey Momma" is ushered in by Huffman’s upbeat delivery and an acoustic arrangement reminiscent of Elliott Smith. But it’s not long before the song piles layers upon layers of instruments and even breaks into a cross-section of lo-fi dub, a misleading series of changes that sets the tempo for the record. Various string, key and brass instruments as well as disorderly production further drive the band’s full-length debut into zany territory without losing their inherently quirky grasp on melody. (SUBURBAN HOME) Brian Shultz


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