Canopy Glow


Shared friendship and curiosity, textures and harmony: These are the tools of Anathallo. If you let your ironic hipster pose fall to the floor like those oh-so-tight Japanese femme denims, you might discover that sincerity is a beautiful thing, indeed. The density of their Anticon debut is leavened somewhat by a sweeter pop sound with a sexy confidence that artistic growth (and touring your ass off) will bring. "Noni’s Field" is a dream-like Japanese whisper, with gentle shakers and gossamer harmonies by Erica Froman and mastermind Matt Joynt giving way to a piano melody that Coldplay would kill for. The skittering syncopation in "Italo" and "Cafetorium" are organic and minimal takes on the boom-bap Anticon sound. Strings and horns provide orchestral-pop delights "The River" and "Sleeping Torpor" with a symphonic sweep; Froman and Joynt swirl around "All The First Pages" with the catchiest quasi-chorus of the bunch. Earnest and joyful throughout, they don’t make records like this anymore, so be glad Anathallo didn’t listen and made one anyway. (ANTICON) Erick Haight


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