See You Next Tuesday



We’re still not down with their moniker, but we will back See You Next Tuesday’s über-menacing, technical, discordant sound. More far-reaching than the grind-heavy redundancy of 2007’s Parasite, Intervals shows the Michigan four-piece exploring the further regions of heavy music. They commence the 17-track affair with a clanging drone of an opener before diving into the doomy “In The End,” and experimenting with tempos, styles and tones to great effect. The band still tackle jarring grind on many tracks (“The Life In Death,” “One Of These Days”), but some of Intervals’ most memorable moments are the anomalies: “Forever On Deaf Ears,” though still abrasive and heavy, isn’t as extreme as most of the disc; the chugging knockout “Dedication To A New Era” features the album’s only truly discernible lyrics (“Fuck. You. Every one of you!”); and the epic “January And On” features unexpected melodicism and emotion without ever feeling wimpy. (FERRET) Janelle Jones