Murs For President


“Signed with the devil, brought the scene up a level, kill the beast from within, I’m a born-again rebel,” raps Murs on “Can It Be (Half A Million Dollars And 18 Months Later),” addressing his recent jump to a major label with his latest, Murs For President. In fact, the 30-year-old California MC makes several attempts to explain the move throughout the record. But if there are any underground loyalists crying, “sellout,” they’ve obviously never heard the disc. President merges the worlds of mainstream and indie, while maintaining Murs’ down-to-earth appeal. “Think You Know Me” is a wobbly West Coast gangsta jam that references Bukowski, while the “Lookin’ Fly” actually uses the phrase “Peter Pan fly.” The album’s best moment comes on the uplifting “Everything”-who knew rapping over a James Blunt song could be so amazing? President isn’t just one of the year’s best; it’s one of the finest efforts to come out of hip-hop in a long time. (WARNER BROS.) Eddie Fleisher

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