All Riot

[4/5] This six-year-old German sextet are probably less known for their music than for their goofy album titles (e.g., Never Kill The Boy On The First Date) and their diverse touring résumé, which has found them warming stages for bands as stylistically opposed as Blink-182 and Anthrax. Which is too bad, because sonically, Waterdown are a melting pot of solid influences. On All Riot, they’ve raised things even higher, dressing up their muscular screamo with hummable rock choruses, some electronic flourishes (“Parasites” and “Repeater”) and, in “My Hopelessness And Me,” the most pants-bulging riffage heard since Warrant, Winger and Slaughter were ruling the Rock Never Stops Tour of 2003.
(VICTORY) Kevin Stewart-Panko