Soho Lights


The definition of “tat” is “rubbish or trash.” While it’s completely unfair to refer to London trio Tat as rubbish, they are trashy in the rock ’n’ roll sense, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. The band have a supremely talented singer/guitarist (not to mention future punk-rock poster girl) in front-vixen Tatiana DeMaria, but it’s the quality of the songwriting on their debut album that’s most impressive. The opening “Road To Paradise” will have fans of chirpy pop-punk pogoing in their bedrooms for months to come, while “Pessimist” sees DeMaria exploring her lyrical darker side, singing, “I’ll sit on your face and I say I love you, and leave the next day.” With a record packed with more hooks than a Hellraiser movie, these Brits have a decent shot at some serious stateside success. (SONY/RED) Brett Callwood

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