Crooked Fingers



Eric Bachmann’s latest album under the Crooked Fingers moniker conjures up the golden age of Bruce Springsteen for the chord progressions and Berlin trilogy-era David Bowie for the arrangements. That is, of course, unless Bachmann is relying on traditional Spanish folk music, like on “¡No Me Los Des!” and “Sinisteria.” Forfeit/Fortune is neatly split between Bachmann’s two main influences, allowing the album title to appropriately utilize its semi-pretentious backslash. Fleshed out with grandiose instrumentation and female vocals for a third of the tracks, it seems that Crooked Fingers have solidified their sound regardless of how schizophrenic Forfeit/Fortune may seem. To close the album, Bachmann duets with Neko Case on the truly majestic “Your Control,” which could be a not-so-distant cousin of the Boss’ “Born To Run.” Melding two of the most distinct voices in indie rock, it’s the kind of song that’ll keep you restarting the album, just waiting to hear it again. (RED PIG/CONSTANT ARTISTS) Jesse Raub