Wolves And Wishes


To accurately describe Dosh’s avalanche of sounds is like trying to forge a fire with no flint. On his latest release, the Minneapolis-based multi-instrumentalist infuses deep jazz oeuvres-strategically plotted via tight, cutting drum work-with spacious, syncopated prog-synth to round out the vibe, like the soundtrack to an art-house melodrama. “Bury The Ghost” thumps tribal beats with guest vocalist Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s sardonic wail weaving in and out of consciousness like a peyote-sunken minstrel, while “Kit And Pearle” features contributions from Andrew Bird, as well as vocals by Dark Dark Dark in an especially optimistic piano/xylophone/pedal steel smorgasbord. A grab bag of instrumentation (including banjos, Rhodes organs, violin, saxophone and more) coalesces to build ghostly, polyrhythmic perspectives on jazz, rock, psychedelia and contemporary ambient noise. “If You Want To, You Have To” commands the most attention, pulling from every possible corner of Dosh’s seemingly limitless creative well. (ANTICON) Ryan Prado