The Sound Of Animals Fighting

Tiger And The Duke

[4] The Sound Of Animals Fighting are a whopping (and highly litigious) 14-person collective whose lineup most notably contains guitarist Matt Embree and drummer Chris Tsagakis of Rx Bandits, guitarist Randy Strohmeyer and bassist Derek Doherty of Finch, and Circa Survive/ex-Saosin vocalist Anthony Green. While the lineup is a Drive-Thru Records fan’s wet dream, the rest of us are wondering if a Finch side project really is a good idea. Any other time we’d say no, but TSOAF prove us wrong with Tiger And The Duke, a glorified four-song EP that answers the question, “What would happen if you put a bunch of dudes who really like the Mars Volta and really like Glassjaw and really like drugs into a recording studio?” Tiger is a sort of space-rock opera in four parts, with rather aimless electronic interludes breaking up each movement. The music is a rather shameless rip-off of this month’s cover stars with a hardcore twist, but Green could go toe-to-toe vocally with Omar any day-and probably take him. (STARS AND SATELLITES)-Scott Heisel