The Ducky Boys

The War Back Home

[4/5] With the Ducky Boys, that age-old old axiom “What you see is what you get” pretty much holds true. No gimmicks. No posturing. All these Boston dudes are about is bringing the rock. Armed with their working-class “everyman” punk rock à la Hudson Falcons and the Loved Ones, the Ducky Boys pepper their latest disc, The War Back Home, with songs that span the gamut from cryin’-in-my-beer crooners (“This Time Last Year”) to all-out wild rockers (“Kids,” “Contrived And Treacherous”). Lyrically, the band truly excel when dealing with topics of a more sociopolitical nature, as on “Corporate America” and “Bombs Away.” Throughout the superb “Celebrate,” frontman Mark Lind paints poignant tableaus of various people dealing with the effects of war, the uneven distribution of wealth, and his own acceptance of having to bid farewell to his “hopes and dreams.”
(SAILOR’S GRAVE) Janelle Jones