New Mexican Disaster Squad

Don’t Believe

[3/5] New Mexican Disaster Squad have tightened their musical chops and wielded deeper-sinking hooks on Don’t Believe; and though these sort of changes seem slight, they can go a long way when you’re playing pissed-off, ’80s-reverent hardcore punk. Granted, there are enough tempo let-ups and momentary clips of melody to let the blisters heal, but fans can be assured, NMDS’ generally lightning-fast rhythms and scathing indictments of America’s current consumer-driven infrastructure will rip their faces straight off. So, when you’ve worn out Minor Threat’s Complete Discography and Governor Schwarzenegger has commandeered your copy of Negative Approach’s Total Recall, do believe there’s at least one good bottle of piss and vinegar left to help you stir up the system.
(JADE TREE) Brian Shultz