Dirty On Purpose

Hallelujah Sirens

[4/5] Onstage, Dirty On Purpose are known for making their five-person lineup (four guys and one girl, many sharing vocals) sound like an army of 500, dropping repeated A-bombs of distortion, reverb and other gooey, shoegazer-y goodness. Some of the songs on the artful Brooklyn indie-rock outfit’s debut full-length, such as “Monument” and “Marfa Lights,” are cocked and loaded for just that sort of thing; but Dirty On Purpose really excel when they hold back for the delicate wonder of songs such as “Your Summer Dress” and “Lake Effect,” both of which would make choice make-out music for horny folks who’ve worn out their Belle & Sebastian or Yo La Tengo records. And when the album’s dreamy closer, “Fake Lakes,” meshes the intricate guitar work and airy vocals, you just have to give in and let it sweep you off your feet. (ON THE MOON MUSIC) JR Griffin

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