Monty Are I

Wall Of People

[4/5] When it comes to pop-punk, there’s a very fine line between annoying and catchy. Fortunately, Monty Are I have established themselves in latter camp, despite taking chances with everything from horn sections to inspired production tricks. Their debut, polished to a sheen by producer du jour Matt Squire (Panic! At The Disco, Hit The Lights), is a deft combination of the best elements of pop-punk: hook-laden melodies, energetic riffs a bit more complex than your normal three-chord fodder and vocals that shift from jumping yelps to falsetto-laced croons. The record dives from rousing thrashers (“Between The Sheets”) to tear-soaked ballads (“Island City”) while taking chances with keyboard parts other musicians might shy away from. Wall Of People’s 40-minute length leaves very little room for filler, making this record a classic case of quality over quantity. (STOLEN TRANSMISSION/ISLAND) Emily Zemler

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