Cattle Decapitation


[3/5] They don’t eat meat, but they talk about feces in their lyrics. Oh, the irony.
Leave it to San Diego’s Cattle Decapitation to inject a little irony into standard meat ’n’ potatoes (sorry, we had to) death metal. On Karma.Bloody.Karma, Travis Ryan spits up his vocals over blindingly fast riffs that could shift the earth’s plates, while the machine-gun blast beats will have you running in zig-zag formation. The band members are all strict vegetarians and have donated proceeds to various animal-rights groups. But Cattle Decap aren’t the Earth Crisis of death metal, assaulting you with their message through the music. Rather, they limit their social activism to their work offstage. They don’t sing about the injustices of vivisection, choosing instead to babble on about the icky stuff (cannibalism and poop), while occasionally throwing in references about how humans are ruining the planet. Karma.Bloody.Karma may have you banging your head until you burst blood vessels in your neck, but it won’t stop you from chowing down on a burger. (METAL BLADE) Amy Sciarretto

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