Rabbit Ears

Rabbit Ears EP

[3/5] Singer Spencer Moody (Murder City Devils, Dead Low Tide, Smoke And Smoke) teams up with drummer Jeff MacIssac (Aveo) for four tracks of drums, electro-noise and crooning/shouting that will simultaneously impress and distress. On “For And Against,” Moody channels his inner goth, creating a vibe similar to Interpol’s Daniel Kessler rewriting R.E.M’s “Airportsman.” The three remaining tracks are manic exercises in beats and noise that could be mistaken for everything from obscure late-’70s European electro-punk singles to outtakes from Ministry’s Twitch album (“Jenny”). It’s doubtful that there are many Murder City aficionados spending their lives typing “Gerry And The Holograms” or “Metal Urbain” into Google. But in a world where She Wants Revenge can take home some change, the echoes of these bunny men should not be ignored. (GO MIDNIGHT) Jason Pettigrew