Senses Fail

Still Searching

[5/5] Senses Fail’s 2004 full-length debut, Let It Enfold You, did little to distinguish the New Jersey-based outfit from the gazillion other post-hardcore/screamo acts flooding the scene at the time. Despite their obvious proficiency, the band came off as little more than a poor man’s Taking Back Sunday, with big metal guitars. And that’s the great irony of Still Searching: The album, released at a time when some might even argue that the band’s entire genre has grown a tad stagnant, is arguably one of the most powerful recordings created in some time from a band playing this type of music. Boasting enormous riffs, a startling sense of purpose and tightly focused, yet somehow desperate fury, every track delivers a crushing roundhouse kick to the chest, from the despair-filled opening anthem “The Rapture,” to the elaborate, orchestral closing dirge, “The Priest And the Matador.” Looks like one of screamo’s “kid brothers” is all grown up now, and he’s just waiting to pummel your smack-talkin’ ass. (VAGRANT) Brendan Manley