Mercy Killers


[4/5] Craig “Craig-Leg” Fairbaugh is a monster guitarist that has a resume that includes street punks the Forgotten, as well as stints in service to the Rancid mafia (Transplants, the Bastards), as well as Plus 44. On Bloodlove, Fairbaugh, drummer Colin Berill and bassist Sam Soto deliver a set of charging tracks that are far more developed than the one-two-fuck-you stylings listeners may be accustomed to hearing from the guitarist. Fuelled by intriguing guitar tones and an urgency that’s built to move (“Pure Life”), the disc doesn’t disappoint. The title track has more swagger and power than a box of demos from Mick Jones’ new outfit Carbon Silicon, and “Not About You” should make paunchy middle-aged punk complainers in bootleg Ramones T’s shut the hell up. You owe it to yourself to get Killed. (HELLCAT/EPITAPH) Jason Pettigrew