It Dies Today


[4/5] It Dies Today have bitch-slapped the melodic metalcore genre with their newest effort, Sirens. With tracks ranging from the overtly melodic and catchy "Damsel Of Death" to the deliberate aggression of "Through Leaves, Over Bridges" and "Black Bile, White Lies," there seems to be something for every discriminating taste (those who want to hear a pinch of southern rock should turn to the final moments of "Reignite The Fires"). And while the band may keep the brutality more straightforward for the majority of the disc, the title track is actually a great departure for the band while still possessing a gentle intensity all its own: Melding IDT’s familiar instrumentals with a potent mixture of clean vocals and growls, this track is the album’s namesake for a reason-it’s different, in the best way possible. The album winds down (or up, really) with one of IDT’s most intense songs to date, "On The Road (To Damnation),” which makes you feel as if you’re holding a one-way ticket to hell. Some bands in metalcore create music that feels like every other album before it, but in the case of It Dies Today, the progression is natural. (TRUSTKILL) Liz Van Pay

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