Various Artists

Our Impact Will Be Felt: A Tribute To Sick Of It All

[3/5] Tribute albums are notoriously hit or miss, and typically dedicated to artists who no longer exist. Thankfully, Our Impact Will Be Felt is neither of these things. Instead, this collection of reverent covers honor an institution that is still very much alive and kicking-one of the longest-running and most celebrated hardcore punk bands of all time, New York’s mighty Sick Of It All. Dutifully executed by some of the best bands currently playing aggressive music, Our Impact spans a range of styles; from the goof-ball swagger of the Bouncing Souls’ “Good Lookin’ Out” to the sheer weight of Unearth’s “Clobbering Time/What’s Going On,” it’s all here-the Unseen, Most Precious Blood, Himsa, an especially pissed Rise Against, Madball, Napalm Death, etc. In other words, lots of great bands-helping Our Impact to succeed as one of the few non-disposable tribute records released in recent memory. (ABACUS; Ronen Kauffman