Daphne Loves Derby

Good Night, Witness Light

[3.5/5] On Daphne Loves Derby’s third album, Good Night Witness Light, they illustrate immense growth. It appears the band have found their niche, bringing melodic indie rock, filled to the brim with hooks and beefy harmonies, to the table. Additionally, DLD insert splashes of intricate guitar plucks, adding a depth missing on previous releases. Good Night offers plenty of sing-along opportunities (the disc’s first single, “That’s Our Hero Shot,” is overly poppy and sure to generate new fans), but it is placid enough to serve as relaxation music. Sure, DLD may sound a tad like Dashboard Confessional, but the heavy heart-on-sleeve mentality is thankfully absent on most of the disc. The album’s overall cohesiveness begs the question: Why aren’t they signed to a major label yet? The band’s first two albums garnered a lot of attention, and with Good Night, there’s no doubt that DLD will be turning heads once again. (OUTLOOK) Adam K. Zakroczymski III

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