The Mary Timony Band

The Shapes We Make


For almost two decades, Mary Timony has quietly carved a niche for herself in the vast landscape of indie rock. She spent time in Autoclave and Helium, sang on Team Sleep’s debut and produced her own solo records. Like 2005’s Ex Hex, Timony employs multi-instrumentalist Devin Ocampo on drums (along with fellow Medications bassist Chad Molter) and with producer J. Robbins rounding out the star-studded D.C. cast delivers more of her off-kilter pop songs. “Sharpshooter” demonstrates Timony’s no-frills approach, with a mid-tempo 4/4 beat laced with airy vocals and smart riffs. “Killed By The Telephone” further boasts Timony’s criminally underrated skills as a guitarist. Other songs push the keyboard to the fore, especially on the compulsively listenable “Window.” Though her singing could use a little verve or anger in spots, Timony proves she’s as esteemed as any songwriter or musician from her fabled city. (KILL ROCK STARS) Casey Boland