Architecture In Helsinki

Places Like This


Widely regarded by fans and critics alike as one of the most unique and enjoyable bands to grace the indie-rock consortium in the past few years, Architecture In Helsinki have returned with Places Like This, a quirky but challenging half-hour of off-kilter vocals and disjointed rhythms. Such as was always their charm-an often-remarkable ability to mix dual-gendered vocals with a variety of instrumentation that will strip from every listener the ability to say the band are boring. This album sees them tread familiar ground with the bouncy, synth-driven "Feather In A Baseball Cap," and somewhat new territory with "Like It Or Not," which sounds like it was yanked from a commercial for a fabulous Caribbean vacation. Architecture In Helsinki’s greatest strength is their comfort; the comfort they feel in their own abilities, and the comfort you’ll feel when sitting down to listen. (POLYVINYL) Jordan Rogowski