Adam Franklin

Bolts Of Melody


This wouldn’t be the worst time to rest on his shoegazing laurels, but Adam Franklin of Swervedriver shows no real interest in hitching his sails to that particular revival-which doesn’t mean you won’t stumble across the occasional squall of electric guitar on Bolts Of Melody. But for the most part, Franklin spends his return to guitar-rock having explored a more ambient side in Toshack Highway, asserting himself as an artist on the move-from downbeat folk to haunting psychedelic ballads that drift into Meat Puppets territory to pop songs just soulful enough to make the most of an eerie resemblance to Elvis Costello. The instrumental “Theme From LSD” isn’t nearly as trippy as some of the tracks that don’t have psychedelics in their name, but that’s to be expected from an album featuring the best Syd Barrett tribute since “Shine On You Crazy Diamond.” (HI-SPEED SOUL) Ed Masley