The End Is Begun


Progressive rock is by nature a self-indulgent form-though once in a while, a Queen or Mars Volta will come along and attract listeners not possessing music degrees, thanks to a dedication to songcraft that at least matches their devotion to practice time. While the oddly named 3 might be known best for launching the career of former Coheed And Cambria drummer Josh Eppard (and for still being led by his brother Joey), that could change with The End Is Begun. The disc is a rollicking trip of frenzied yet muted guitar riffs hefty enough to satisfy the metal crowd; upon closer inspection, however, the album sonically belies the group’s Woodstock origins thanks to the strong psychedelic overtones. Still, call 3 a jam band at your own peril, since The End Is Begun accentuates substance over style-a welcome development for all concerned. (METAL BLADE) Brian O’Neill

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