Automatic 7

At Funeral Speed


Only their third full-length in about a dozen years, Automatic 7 may not have the most prolific track record, but they easily have Mike Ness’ best stunt double around. Frontman Johnny Hulett’s nose is upturned in such a perfect sneer to Ness’ nasal delivery, somewhere Michael Jackson is recommending plastic surgeons to a jealous Billy Idol. Ness’ band, Social Distortion, leaves their influence on At Funeral Speed, too, on punk-inflected rock song after punk-inflected rock song, along with vague hints of Face To Face and the guitars of Dear You-era Jawbreaker. Too bad At Funeral Speed’s title is all-telling, with the record running a little tired and middling through its 38 minutes. At Funeral Speed is endearing and fairly enthusiastic, but it’s also hindered by an awkward energetic flow and listless content. (MENTAL ) Brian Shultz

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