Juliette And The Licks

Four On The Floor


Whether you find Juliette Lewis’ wildly expressive stage persona endearing or embarrassing, there’s little doubt that it’s earnest. This girl means it, maaaan. And Four On The Floor, J&TL’s second full-length, suggests she’s starting to get it, too. The Licks’ slick musicianship-no doubt elevated by guest drummer Dave Grohl-grooves along ably, and Lewis plays what vocal strengths she has to near-perfection. There’s no shortage of scratchy, sexed-up vocals, raucous howls over vitriolic brawlers or heavy breathing. But though Lewis is rock ’n’ roll enough for this part by plenty, her panache and the Licks’ spirited free-wheeling can’t stop Four On The Floor from being forgettable. But Lewis earns some stripes here, and receives-nay, demands our attention. Now let’s see if she can hold it. (THE MILITIA GROUP) Tristan Staddon

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