Tomorrow Starts Today


Canada is, like, so hot right now. It won’t be long before labels start dragging their omnivorous nets through the lesser depths of the country’s music scene. Get ready for a wave of Canuck bush-leaguers with European affectations and Americanized populist ambition. Thankfully, Mobile, while derivative, rise above the B-level with Tomorrow Starts Today. Two seconds into the blazing title track-all propulsive, jerky dance beats, dark waves of down stroke guitar and snotty call and response vocals-you’ll find your new summer jam. (Note to friends: Expect to find this on all my future playlists.) Sure, Mobile say they’re influenced by the Cure and New Order (yawn), and the record is all slick production-mainstream modern rock for the coked-up photoblog set-but when the choruses are this big and fun, who cares about original? Original is never this easy to dance to, anyway. (THE MILITIA GROUP) Luke O’Neil

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