Sometimes a little time apart is a good thing: When Ozma split in 2004, a could-be power-pop great seemed lost forever. But after separate vacations (and replacing drummer Patrick Edwards, who defected to Acute), the SoCal band are back without missing a massive, Weezer-esque riff, sweet hook or joyous lyric. Re-recorded older songs “No One Needs to Know” and especially “Eponine” are as fresh as ever, reaching amazing arena-rocking heights. Meanwhile, the ’80s synths of “Lunchbreak (Cobras Theme)” and the male-female vocal tradeoff on “Heartache Vs. Heartbreak” (with Rachel Haden of the Rentals) go far in mixing up-and progressing-their sound. And the acoustic “I Wonder” is so lovely, you might be left wondering how you got through tough times without this crew around. Welcome back, Ozma. Now play nice this time. (ABOUT A GIRL) JR Griffin