Rilo Kiley

Under The Blacklight


There’s no denying the real draw of Rilo Kiley for most has always been in singer Jenny Lewis’ voice. You’d have to be some sort of grumpy jerk-off to fall numb to its charm. Unfortunately, her pipes take precedence over her expert band too many times on Under The Blacklight, so even when they work up a good head of boisterous steam-like on the bouncy disco hedonism of “Breakin Up”-her bouffant crooning drags the song into the pop-country radio ghetto. Each crack of her voice seems to come with its own resumé. By its conclusion, Blacklight sounds like the radio soundtrack at the indie-pop dentist office, which is too bad because there are plenty of righteous grooves here: “Dreamworld,” a funky, dreamy Fleetwood Mac-style tune sun by Blake Sennett, and the Spanish party jam “Dejalo.” Fans will love it, but if you’re not already on board, this album won’t change your mind. (WARNER BROS.) Luke O’Neil