Welcome To The World Of…

[2]Orange aspire to young-and-dumb punk majesty that doesn’t necessarily require Shakesperian wordplay and Bacharachian melody; however, Welcome To The World Of… is tuneless and excessively dunderheaded, even by Rancid-disciple standards-from frontman Joe Denman’s overly affected vocals to the bon mots he’s speak-singing. To answer the question posed by the song title “Why Won’t She Go Out With Me” (“I go to sleep at night/And think of her in a thong”), it’s probably because you can’t write lyrics more beguiling than “The sky is blue/The grass is green/Blah, blah, blah/Yeah, you know what I mean.” Our advice: Tune your guitars and buy a rhyming dictionary, poseurs. (HELLCAT) Rob Harvilla

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