Prepare To Be Let Down


Someone really needs to let proponents of the Law of Attraction know that a hardcore band from Baltimore just threw their belief system into the street and let a tractor-trailer run over it. The Law of Attraction is the New Age belief that what one says and thinks will eventually manifest itself in reality-check out the film/book The Secret for further exposition-although no self-respecting hardcore head in their right mind would, could or should be let down by the acerbic vitriol Ruiner unleash on this album. Sounding like a mix of Bane, Modern Life Is War and Reach The Sky with a quart of cobra’s venom coursing through their veins, this quintet raise hardcore’s potency bar with a frightfully brutal attack and ferociously angry attitude in storming ragers like “Bottom Line: Fuck You,” “Choke On It,” “Kiss That Motherfucker Goodnight” and “That Stone Better Be On Fire.” (BRIDGE NINE) Kevin Stewart-Panko