The Holy Mountain


[4] Pulling double duty in the crusty Holy Mountain and the downright screwball CombatWoundedVeteran, bassist/vocalist Ponch has punk-rock credibility to spare; but in terms of making music people actually want to revisit, he’s batting 1000 in the Holy Mountain. Sounding even more like Discharge than the Discharge-influenced bands people might namedrop to describe them (e.g., His Hero Is Gone, Totalitar, From Ashes Rise), this Florida quartet fuse gut-level emotion with down-tuned riffage, squealing guitar accents and sore throats galore throughout Entrails. But, growling frontmen and crusty sentiments aside, what really makes Entrails stick in your head (say that twice without giggling) is the Holy Mountain’s songwriting. Sure, the melodies are mournful; and, yeah, the guitars are screaming at jet-engine volume, but damn if those riffs won’t stay with you for days. (NO IDEA)-Aaron Burgess