A Day To Remember


The explosive opening track on Homesick, “The Downfall Of Us All,” sets not just the sonic tone for the 11 largely unrelenting cuts that follow it, but the album’s thematic bent, too. When A Day To Remember vocalist Jeremy McKinnon roars, “I sold my soul to the open road,” over groaning, downtuned guitars and machine-gun double bass, there’s no mistaking the implication. Thus Homesick, produced by New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert, is predominantly an album about feeling just that; an emotion stemming from the dizzying couple of years that have ensued since the Ocala, Florida-bred band broke out with 2007’s For Those Who Have Heart. McKinnon’s inner turmoil is matched only by the music, which takes ADTR’s signature blend of pop-punk and brutal hardcore to an entirely new and altogether mind-blowing level: It’s almost inconceivable that melodic moments like “Another Song About The Weekend,” and “NJ Legion Iced Tea” can coexist with the full-on metalcore of “Mr. Highway’s Thinking About The End” and “I’m Made Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?” but amazingly, they do. Suck it up, boys—the road clearly suits you.

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