The Letters Organize

Dead Rhythm Machine

[5] It’s difficult for us here at AP to write a completely unbiased review of the Letters Organize’s Nitro Records debut. We picked the band to play on the Warped Tour, watched them blow us away at our SXSW party last year, and were even there to lend a sympathetic ear when they got deported from Europe. However, as much as we hate to admit it, no one here could have imagined that with Dead Rhythm Machine, the band would craft a certified screamo-garage masterpiece. Combining the calculated chaos of underground favorites like JR Ewing and Song Of Zarathustra with the Blood Brothers’ artistic ambition and the best parts of garage rock (the riffs, not the shitty recording quality), Dead Rhythm Machine may not be The Shape Of Punk To Come, but the breakdown at the end of “There’s Room For One More” is guaranteed to give those geezers in the Mooney Suzuki a heart attack. (NITRO)-Jonah Bayer