Over It


[4] When you’re from California, it’s hard to not write songs as instantly memorable as the ones on Over It’s third full-length, Silverstrand. Every song here glimmers with the warmth of the sun’s rays, from the speedy “Ignore The Noise” to the fist-pumping anthems “Waiting” and “Shine.” Then there’s the ridiculously catchy “Siren On The 101”-if this tune doesn’t become 2005’s “Ocean Avenue,” there’s no justice in pop-punk. Clocking in at a shade over 30 minutes, Silverstrand doesn’t try to impress with complex songs or artsy noodling; it simply wants to be the only disc that sees the inside of your car stereo all summer. With an album this good, expect Over It to become big-time players with the Warped Tour crowd-and don’t be surprised if they’re on the cover of AP’s “100 Bands You Need To Know In 2006.” (LOBSTER)-Scott Heisel