Trapped Under Ice

Secrets Of The World


Though from Baltimore, Trapped Under Ice sound like New York City residents ca. late ’80s/early ’90s. Their music is all brawn–ripped riffs and flexed rhythms that strut mostly at a mid-tempo pace but accelerate when necessary. They’ve surely feasted their ears on such NYHC kings as Cro-Mags, Crown Of Thorns and Madball. Following a pair of promising EPs (Stay Cold and Demo 2007), the band deliver tighter performances and stronger material on their first full-length. Vocalist Justice Tripp issues rapid-fire lyrical assaults with a quick cadence reminiscent of a hip-hop MC (best documented on the malevolent “World I Hate”). Their theme song, “TUI,” is also their strongest, complete with a Bad Brains-esque breakdown finale. “The Vortex” is a slower, bass-soaked instrumental that sadly lasts less than a minute, while the bruising “From Birth” recalls Vic DiCara’s unique riffs with 108. Trapped Under Ice would benefit from incorporating more of such variety into their songs, though they still hammer out a solidly pummeling debut. (REAPER) Casey Boland

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