And We Are Bled Of Color

[1] Much like a nasty cold you just can’t shake, the massively played-out “screamo” subgenre gets another breath of life injected from a bloodsucking major label looking to find the next Taking Back The Story Of Hawthorne’s Senses. This month’s casualty? Canadian ponces Stutterfly. Every song on this album, you’ve heard before. The singing is scattershot, with screaming vocals that sound just as uninspired as the song titles (“Flames Adorn The Silence,” “The Sun Bleeds Red”). Here’s a fun fact for you: The Environmental Protection Agency claims on its website that “each month, approximately 100,000 pounds of CDs become obsolete (outdated, useless or unwanted).” It’s a safe bet to assume that number will go up exponentially once And We Are Bled Of Color is released. (MAVERICK)-Scott Heisel