To This Beat


One has to give a certain amount of credit to bands who stuck with the ska-punk sound for a decade after most media stopped paying attention. Montreal’s Subb have stubbornly kept trucking, horns in tow, despite many of their peers leaving the brass behind. Over the years, Subb have struggled to brew the perfect batch of ska, reggae and punk, often sounding best when focusing on just one sound. On their fifth album, To This Beat, they find themselves in the same position. The album’s best songs are the ska and reggae numbers, like “Mount Zion” and “Shottas.” They also manage find a musical balance on “Tipton Three” and “Reggae Radio.” Unfortunately, the album is held back by the straight-up punk such as “Black Gold,” which features ridiculous screaming throughout its chorus. However, the down-tempo songs included on To This Beat would make a perfect addition to any mixtape you plan on taking to the beach this summer. (STOMP) Ben Conoley

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