Vendetta Red

Sisters Of The Red Death

[5] Vendetta Red shouldn’t exist anymore. After signing to Epic for an exorbitant amount of money back in 2002, then finding their major-label debut, Between The Never And The Now, shelved for months, the band seemed doomed to be the next in a long line of chew-’em-up-and-spit-’em-out major-label casualties. (It didn’t help that the album only had, like, two good songs on it.) Instead, the band wrote one of the best no-bullshit rock albums in years as their follow-up. Sisters Of The Red Death is packed with a dozen fist-pumping anthems, each sounding as massive as any arena-rock staple from 15 years prior. Technically, it’s a concept album about a nuclear holocaust and the resulting rise of a radioactively mutated matriarch; but when it’s this easy to sing along, who cares? (EPIC)-Scott Heisel

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