Bad Cop/Bad Cop’s ‘Not Sorry’ filled with equal amounts bite and sugar-sweet harmony (Review)

June 16, 2015
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Bad Cop/Bad Cop

Not Sorry

On their debut full-length, California's Bad Cop/Bad Cop lay down the law with an incredible authority: the tunes are concise and compact melodic punk blazers, filled with equal amounts of bite and sugar-sweet harmony. The opening track “Nightmare” was a smart choice to get things started with, showing both sides of this band perfectly: It's a well-written two-minute rave-up, but the vocal harmonies are way more pop-smart than initially expected. You might recognize some of those vocals as being Stacey Dee from Fat Mike's recent Home Street Home musical. “Anti Love Song” is about as perfect and fun as melodic punk comes, while “Here's To You” is a great melancholy acoustic-tinged drinking song. That's a hell of a strong opening trio of tunes, but the album never dips throughout its energetic 37 minutes, from the honest lyrical approach of “Sugarcane” (“I'd use a fucking hammer on his face”) to the reggae touches in “I'm Alright.” File next to Masked Intruder, as both bands have fun playing with the punk songbook (and the Fat Wreck Chords history books) by incorporating three-part vocal harmonies that even your folks could appreciate in songs that cuss and bite and get the pit started.

Fat Wreck Chords

“Anti Love Song”

Written by Greg Pratt