Diamond Youth

Nothing Matters

Diamond Youth have been teasing us for years by only releasing EPs, but the wait only gave the band time to perfect their craft and open up the melodic floodgates on their first full-length, Nothing Matters, sounds as if Queens Of The Stone Age took antidepressants and co-wrote an album with Weezer and the Beach Boys. The manic highs of their upbeat single, “Thought I Had It Right” bleeds nostalgia in all the right places with a headbangable chorus reminiscent of ’90s alternative rock radio. “Riptide” is the dark, introspective ballad ending with vocalist Justin Gilman lamenting, “Now you’re nothing but a memory.” Although the album is fairly mid-paced, there aren’t any stale moments as the vibe changes with each song. Whether it’s a surf rock-heavy tune such as, “In The Clouds” or the darker, driving song “The Nothing,” everything is tied together by the band’s catchy hooks and infectious melodies.

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“Thought I Had It Right”