Dead Ringers

ROCKS LIKE: Locrian, Mamiffer, Earth

WHAT’S DIFFERENT: The lone soul behind Horseback, Jenks Miller’s continued creative solitude has led him to incorporate broader dynamics into his slo-mo minimalism. 2007’s Impale Golden Horn may be a drone-scene fave, but Dead Ringers incorporates layers of Krautrock, acid-den psychedelia, indie rock, shoegaze and even reggae (!) to move beyond electro-acoustic, ambient lassitude.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: If you’ve shied away from drone music because of its sonic inaction, here’s a good remedy. Just thrust a copy of Dead Ringers in front of the haughty record store clerk who usually scoffs at your musical tastes and say, “Ring me up, tough guy.” Or buy it online and keep your space travels completely private.

OUR PICK: “In And Out Of Form”

Relapse Records

In And Out Of Form