True Brew

For their first album in seven years, Swedish melodic skate punks Millencolin have delivered… well, exactly what you'd expect them to deliver. Come on, this ain't prog rock: '90s-style melodic pop-punk is the order of the day here, and as always, Millencolin come through dependably. The ripping opener “Egocentric Man” comes across with just enough Bad Religion-esque flavor in those trusty chords, while “Chameleon” follows it up showing off this band's strong melodic suit. Sure, every one of their peers delivered melodies galore, but Millencolin always manage to do it with personality and grace (“Man Of 1000 Tics”). “Bring Me Home” showcases a bit more of the band's mid-paced rock sound, very much coming across like when Face To Face try to mix punk and rock, which sometimes works and sometimes falls very short. Millencolin make it work, although when they're punking-out fast and hard (like on the awesome “Sense & Sensibility”), things work even better.