Saturday Night Wrist

As you read earlier in this issue, Deftones went through their own personal hell making Saturday Night Wrist. But what doesn’t kill you always makes you stronger, and the bruising sound the Sacramento, California, quintet have patented over the last 10-plus years is here in spades, all turned up to 11 and shit-and to put it bluntly, we’re not sure how they keep coming up with the contrapuntal, melancholic half-tone soundscapes that they do. Veering from caustic Tomahawk-esque extremes (“Rats,” “FM”) to deep-space, hyper-concussive lullabies (“Tilde,” “Cherry Waves”), Saturday Night Wrist proves yet again that Deftones have a corner on the transcendental-metal market (however small that corner may actually be). There are a few great cameos; sure, Serj from System Of A Down shows up (on “Mein”), but it’s Giant Drag’s Annie Hardy that really steals the show, cracking herself up going into detail about greasy, filthy handjobs and how blowjobs following butt sex lead to bad teeth on “Pink Cellphone.” If only the Family Values Tour audiences would listen, they would save a bundle on dental insurance…

Warner Bros.