Saves The Day – Saves The Day

September 18, 2013
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Saves The Day

Saves The Day

Having finally completed Saves The Day’s dark, deeply ambitious and equally voluminous autobiographical concept-album trilogy with 2011’s Daybreak, frontman Chris Conley was suddenly free to write anything, for the first time in roughly six years. And he’s made the most of it: On Saves The Day, you can feel how that emotional and thematic weight has been lifted, and Conley & Co. approach this new batch of songs with a palpable joy and rhythmic bounce that make the record glide by like a summer’s day. STD are as tight and melodically brilliant as ever, but the previous trilogy’s anguish and inner turmoil seem to have been replaced by warm sentimentality (“I Remember,” “Ring Pop”), declarations of undying love (“Beyond All Of Time,” “Lucky Number”) and smart discourse on relationships and the human condition (“Ain’t No Kind Of Love,” “Verona”), with the occasional killer curveball (“Xenophobic Blind Left Hook”). If this is what the next stage of Saves The Day’s career sounds like, another few albums will be just fine.

Rory/Equal Vision

“Lucky Number”

Written by Brendan Manley